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The Summer Island

N 61° 14.412'
E 17° 13.848'

sandskar80.jpg (15126 bytes) This is my summer home on the island of Sandskar in the Swedish archipelago. The summer house was built by my great grand father in the year of 1903. He returned from his travels on the seven seas, where he sailed tall ships as a captain and owner, to build the house. Since the house was built my grand parents, my mother and father and sisters have spent many great summers on the island.

This is where I go with Theodora to relax and to get inspiration to go on. She loves to hang out and she's a happy camper most of the time. The view from the porch is astonishing beautiful and I love watching the world go by from there. Theodora love watersports and she loves to go riding her tube. Maya also loves to spend her summer vacations on the island with her best friends. I spend a lot of time with improving things around the island, it's all hard labour. The satisfaction comes to you when you can sit back and check out the things that you have created with your bare hands.

In the evening, I just love to get in the sauna and then jump into the Baltic sea. After being in the sauna I can sit on the dock and watch the sun set and the boats passing by, it's a very peaceful way of devoting one's time.

My friends come here to chop wood, Paul thats you my mahn, and to have a good time. Some of them like to take a swim with their clothes on, alfie that is, but that's another story that will be told when we're all in the sauna drinking Budweiser's.

We have two boats for traveling back and forth to the mainland. It's necessary because that's the only way to get there. A canoe for the morning workout when you do laps around the island early in morning when the sea is like a mirror and the sun is about to rise......

Life is fair on days like that !!

I like to throw a smaller party on the island in the end of summer every year. This particular one turned out to be a sucess according to the participant's, check it out dudes and dudettes, we all had a blast. Every summer there are a diffrent bunch of people at the island and once again we all have a blast with lots of time in the sauna....

Drinks were on the house and there were a few of them going down the throats of my guests, I know for a fact that they were appreciated by the sponges.

During winter time you can take a stroll on the ice or bring your skates and enjoy the great skating of natural ice. I and Theodora try to take at least one trip to Sandskär every season and get out to the summerhouse on the ice. It's a great out door activity and sometimes the ice will look like a mirror and skating is really great.

Always be aware of the famous Jack, I love him.

I also like this view of life that keeps me smilin'

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